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For more than half a century, Capello has had just one focus: Design and manufacture the world’s leading harvesting technologies. With more than 120 million acres of corn harvested in more than 80 countries around the globe, Capello is a name that has been trusted for generations, and across continents, for harvest efficiency, durability and quality. With the passion and values of a family-owned company, but the market share and drive for continuous improvement of an industry leader, Capello is there for you. Whether it's corn, sunflower, forage or cereals… Wherever you are, we are.

The Capello QUASAR corn head is the product of years of leading-edge engineering refinement and precision craftsmanship. The trouble-free Quasar corn headers, known for low maintenance and high-efficiency performance, have expertly harvested millions of acres over the years in more than 80 countries around the globe. Available in nearly any row or spacing configuration possible, both rigid and folding, the Quasar just makes sense.

The GLADIATOR by Capello is a machine designed to conquer any corn field regardless of row spacing, planting direction or split/twin row applications. Employing the time-tested Capello row unit engineering but configured in a way that allows for maximum aggressiveness related to the sorting of plants while maintain the elegant cob collection that Capello is known for…the GLADIATOR is the perfect solution for non-traditional corn planting situations. The GLADIATOR will shine in applications like: high population corn, varied row spacing corn, twin-row corn, any row spacing from 5-inch to 40-inch and beyond! For operations that are considering changing row spacing in the future or looking at testing some of the new spacing arrangements and planter spitting technologies, fear of high-cost equipment has been a hurdle. That concern is now over.

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